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From the very beginnings of human society, adornment has been the visual manifestation of our identity. We choose our clothing to reflect who we really are. I believe in returning meaning to our clothes – so that what we wear is no longer an approximate reflection of who we are, but are the extension of ourselves. 

Placing value and art into something that is so inherently part of us, our clothing, emphasises our value as a human being and deepens our relationship with our world.” 

Latest exhibition – On memory – is documented at 

For press or other enquiries, please contact Sonia at enquiry @

Sonia is an artist and designer who works with private clients; has exhibited at Moonah Arts Centre, MONA, Carnegie Gallery and Contemporary Art Tasmania; and is represented in both the MONA and Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery collections. Her previous exhibitions include the Three Ages of Women, MONA 2011, which commented on how women are portrayed in our society and the Armoury, MAC 2016, which explored the long term effects of domestic violence on women.  

Sonia Heap, the Armoury-photo by Edward Mulvihill